Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review #1 - Every Time I die - New Junk Aesthetic

Every Time I Die’s latest release titled New Junk Aesthetic has been out since 2009 but since i’ve just started this shit i decided i’m going to review it now…YALL HURD ME?
With having released an album once every two years, New Junk Austhetic is, in my opinion, Every Time I Die’s strongest release. With a lot of fans slightly losing hope with ETID in the coming years,  as some seem to think their 2005 release Gutter Phenomenon was a downfall from their raw, relentless 2003 album Hot Damn!, but with New Junk Aesthetic their ball vice was untightened and their nutsacks were allowed to breath with a sigh of releif as this album fucking rocks.

The album opens with half a minute of feedback that leads into a crushing guitar riff and drum beat that slowly gets louder and louder until lead vocalist Keith Buckley comes in singing with everything he’s got, and it hits you like a brick to the face. The album has some awesome, and unexpected cameos as well. Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puctiato ( who happens to be one of my favourite vocalists ) comes in on the fast headbanger The Marvelous Slut and acts as an amazing counterpart to Keith when he sings through the chorus, the Bronx’s Matt Caughthran comes in singing the chorus in The Sweet Life which is an amazingly catchy song, much more catchy than half the bullshit on the radio these days ( I WAIVE MY HAIR BACK ‘N FORTH I WAIVE MY HAIR BACK ‘N FORTH ) and the last cameo, undeniably most unexpected comes from Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, who before listening to this i thought was a pansy little bitch but Wentz proves he has balls with belting out some of the heaviest vocals on the record on the roller coaster ” After One Quarter Of A Revolution ”. Relying a lot less on the ‘southern’ style guitar rifs on this album than their previous releases, Every Time I Die manages to keep the listenter enticed with each and every riff put forth, each vocal harmony and each catchy drum beat.

Using just enough cowbell ( who the fuck doesn’t love cowbell?…Honestly ) to keep a smile on my face, just enough brutally heavy riffs that make me want to be in a mosh pit, just enough sections to drum along too, and with Keith Buckly previously being an english teacher brings phenomenal lyrics and an amazing voice into the equation, this album is an instant favourite of mine this year…hell, in the last 5 years. With every song on this album catchy, heavy, and with persistantly changing tempo and song structure keeping it unbelevibly fresh this is a must listen to anyone who has ears.

Like it or not, fucking listen to this album, its so godamn good. New Junk Aesthetic fucked my face and then finished right in my eye, and i fucking loved every second of it.

Oh, and P.S- Keith Buckley, if you’re reading this, i will go gay for you. Me love you long time.
Production: 9.9/10
Lasting Appeal: 9.9/10
Originality: 9.9/10
Keith Buckey’s sexy voice 9.9/10
Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic
9.9/10 (Nothing can be perfect, but this is damn close)


  1. That's some ridiculously crazy album art!

  2. Looks like the eye-hand dude from pan's labrynth..nice

  3. You are right. The voice is so damn good!
    Right now I am scrolling through there MySpace and looking for other songs like this.

  4. Im pretty sure if you randomly ran into a pop-up of the album art in a dark alley somewhere you'd run the opposite direction or least try to fight it.

  5. man great band, never heard them before this. Will definitely keep listening

  6. Omg creepy cover but great band!
    followed i like your reviews! ; )